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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Breckinridge Park (Entrance B) - Richardson, Texas

Two playground structures (smaller one behind the larger one.)
Restrooms located near parking lot. They are VERY far away from the playground. And they were gross. The toilet seat wouldn't stay down and the entire floor was wet. I'm a girl who is used to latrines and this was worse than I could stand. I did use this same restroom last summer and it was fine, so hopefully it will be cleaned soon.

 This is the larger playground.

 A gazebo located pretty far from the park. We walked over to it and had a picnic at the tables. There is a grill behind the gazebo.

 The smaller structure. Except for the monkey bars this would be perfect for a 18 month old.

 Another view of the smaller structure.

Another view of the larger structure. This was still low to the ground for the most part so almost all of it was perfect for my three year olds.

 We were at the playground at Entrance B today. There is also a playground at Entrance C.

Map taken from Richardson Website.

Name: Breckinridge Park (Entrance B

Posted by: Amanda Dittlinger

1. How big is the park? And what are the amenities?
This park is huge. It is 417.13 acres. The entire park has 3 pavilions, picnic tables, grills, benches, soccer fields, playgrounds, lake, 4.5 miles of trails and restrooms. At Entrance B there is one pavilion, and two play structures. The playground is far away from the parking lot.

2. Is it enclosed or covered?
It is not enclosed or covered. But it is far away from cars. The play structure is a decent amount away from the lake.

3. What ages?
Entrance B park is great for the youngest of park goers up to middle schoolers I'd say.

4. How safe is it?
I rate this park high for safety. It is wide open so even if you have a runner, they can't get too far away, into anything dangerous. There is the lake, which does not have a barrier, but it is a good distance from the playground.

5. Pros: Lots to do at this playground. You can play on the structure, have a picnic by the lake or in the pavilion, run through the grass or play in the dense area of trees.

6. Cons: The restrooms were pretty gross on this visit to the park.

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