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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Harry Myers - Rockwall, Texas

 Section One
 Section Two
Section Two Play Area

Name: Harry Myers Park
Location: 815 East Washington Street Rockwall, TX 75087-3832
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Posted by: Kristi Nix

1. How big is the park? And what are the amenities?
This park is HUGE!!  We didn't cover it all in one day.  I plan to go back with bikes and wagons and head off to do the trails.  Bring a camera, there are a lot of different places for great photo opportunities.  There are 3 different sections, each section has a covered pavilion and amazingly clean restrooms within 20 feet of the play areas.  

Section 1 is the enclosed public pool, enclosed skate park (converted basketball courts), a gazebo, an enclosed HUGE wooden playground (no gate, but there is a wall around the whole structure) including: slides, swings, baby swings, sand pits (2), balance beams, monkey bars and so much more!.  Also, included in section one is a COMING SOON dog park!

Section 2 (my husband says the oldest section and where we spent most of our time there) is 2 baseball fields (with a box full of bases to use), a lot of shaded picnic tables, a covered pavilion (available for rent), a gazebo, 2 old houses for photo ops, and a smaller fenced play area.  Again, no gate, but there is a fence around the entire play area.  Included in the play area are swings (2 normals swings and 2 baby swings), a tall slide, an old (but still fun) merry-go-round, and a "teeter-totter" style structure.  We spent most of our time here, because it wasn't as busy as the other play area.  

Section 3 (which we did not visit) is a spray park (it came on around 11), a big lake, a big metal bridge to walk over the lake, a covered pavilion, a lot of big trees for shade, and big open fields for kite flying.  Section 3 is mainly made up of the spray park, but still loads of fun

Also available is frisbee golf, off road trails, and ducks!  

2. Is it enclosed or covered?
See above description!  3 covered pavilions and 2 gazebos

3. What ages?
This park is FUN for ALL ages, including the parents! 

4. How safe is it?
I'd say the park is pretty safe! It is HUGE! As always, as long as the parent/care taker keeps an eye on the children there shouldn't be an issue.  There is no water (other than the pool) around section 1, but the other areas, there are several small lakes, so it is hard to just let the smaller kids go without supervision.  

5. Pros:
So many pros about this park!  It is a must visit any day of the week!  Go early to enjoy the most of this park and plan to stay all day! A picnic is a MUST!  

6. Cons:
Not any cons except that the equipments tends to get hot as the day goes on.  

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