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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Founders Plaza - Grapevine, Texas

This park does not have play equipment, it is an the airplane observation park next to DFW.

 Free binoculars.

 Statues of kids playing "airplane"

 Look over to the right, an airplane taking off. We didn't stay long because it was so cloudy you could hardly see the planes, not to mention it was windy and drizzly too!

 Airplane on the runway.

Name: Founders Plaza
Location: 1700 N Airfield Dr DFW Airport, TX 75261 (Grapevine, Texas)
Link to Map
Link to Official Webpage

Posted by: Amanda Dittlinger of Ditt & Dott

1. How big is the park? What are the amenities? 
This is a small park with a very specific purpose. It is a safe observation area to watch planes coming and going into DFW Airport. There are several shaded picnic tables and some plaques and statues. There is a nice field for kids to run in. One cool feature is that you can hear the air traffic controllers over loud speakers. There are also a few free binoculars. There is good parking. There are no restrooms. There is no play equipment.

2. Is it enclose or covered?  
There is covered patio tables.

3. What ages? 
All ages
4. How safe is it?  
The picnic tables are close to the parking lot, so as you are watching planes you need to watch your toddlers too!

5. Pros:  
Fun experience, especially if your kids (whatever their ages!) are into planes.

6: Cons:  
No restrooms.

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