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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Clearview Park - Plano

 Basketball/Multi use court and field.

 Nearby houses and alley

 Overview of park

 Park Sign- Street


 Playground (One side)

 Playground other side

 School in the distance

Swings and horses. (Two belt, two baby)

Name: Clearview Park - Plano
Location: 4000 Eagle Pass Plano, Texas 75023
Link to Map
Link to City Website
Link to Diagram of Park
Posted by: Alison Hansard
1. How big is the park? And what are the amenities?
This neighborhood park is moderate size. There is a large open field with a small gravel playground, and other amenities including, a covered pavilion, picnic tables, grills, drinking fountain, basketball/multi-use court, and a large practice field.

2. Is it enclosed or covered?
The playground is not enclosed or covered, but there is a covered pavilion.

3. What ages?
Probably ages 2 and up. 

4. How safe is it?
The playground itself is not large, just one big structure, plus swings and bouncy horses, so it is easy to keep watch on active children.  One of the slides is very tall and might be intimidating, but my 3 year old loved it.  There are houses and an alley that backs up to the park, but it is a good distance away from the playground.

5. Pros:
There is a lot of grass area to run or kick balls and the concrete paved basketball/multi-use court would be fun for sidewalk chalk or even riding bikes or scooters.

6. Cons:
No restrooms, must park on street.

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