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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Haggard Park - Plano, Texas

Panaramic of both plagyrounds and bathroom in far right.
The "big" kid play area.
Sign says 5-12, but my 3 year olds were all over it!
Year round water fountain, with picnic tables in background.
My girls LOVED these "funny rainbow" stairs as they called them.


Ont the large play structure, there is a hole in the center.
Big slide!
Cool climbing tower.
My girls really liked this net.
More fun things to climb.
This slide was cool, because they started together at the top and both went different directions.

Bottom of the "split" slide.

 Small kids area says ages 2-5.

This is the small play area.
They loved the bouncy dolphin and seahorse.
Big Gazebo to run around in. 

We saw this big bird at the waters edge!
There is an old train and a train museum that is on the park property. They have story times and tours of the stationary train on certain days. The train was under repairs today when we were there.
Park rules.
For some reason this park does get a lot of field trips. I guess it is the museum they come to see, then they have a picnic and play. When the school age kids descend on the park all the moms of toddlers pack up and leave. There were easily 50 kids that all arrived at once.

Name: Haggard Park
Location: 901 E. 15th Street  Plano TX, 75074

1. How big is the park? What are the amenities?
This is a very large park with lots of amenities. There are two playgrounds, restrooms, parking lot, running space, shade trees, picnic tables, gazebo, water feature with bridge, right next to DART train for those who have kids that like watching and hearing trains. There is water fountains, dog clean up stations, lots of benches. There is a railway museum at the park with tours of an old train on some days. 

2. Is it enclosed? Covered?
No, the park is not enclosed or covered. It does have lots of shade trees. The big park is fairly close to the parking lot, but not too bad.

3. What ages would enjoy this park?
The signs say 2-12, but I brought my girls here at 18 months a few summers ago.

4. How safe is it for little ones?
I like that there is plenty of grass for crawlers, and the small playground has features for the tiny tots. The only problem is when the field trips from local schools show up. Then you pretty much have to leave because the big kids over take the park. Also, I have seen a homeless man sleeping on a slide when I arrived really early one morning last summer. He woke up when he heard us and wandered off. I think we scared him just as much as he scared us.

5. Pros:
Lots to do, lots to play and see. The girls loved stopping every time a DART train stopped by.

6. Cons:  The big kid field trips and the fact that it is a city park, with all kinds of people walking by. You need to stay alert.


  1. Plano ISD has a built in field trip for a certain grade that has them going to the Interurban Railroad museum next to the park. So, you'll frequently see classes at the park. They usually have the kids pack a lunch to eat and then they can play at the park.

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