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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Stonebriar Mall Playarea - Frisco, Texas

I have heard this play are is closed for remodeling. I'll update when I get new info! (July 2012)

Overview of play area.

 42" and under can play in here

 There are three of these animals for the kids to play on. A horse, cow and bison.

My three year olds love that they can climb on this house and slide off of it. When they were two they loved crawling under it.
 This stationary train is a favorite for all the kids.

The back of the train is a bit steep for the younger kids. 

Big murals on the walls and also fun puzzle games mounted to the walls.
This bridge is fun to climb. The tracks stick out just enough for good toe-holds. It's also a tunnel. I also love the scenery on the floor, which is almost bouncy.
Another favorite element. It is hard for the little kids to climb, but the 3-4 year olds love scaling it and sliding down the waterfall.

There are shoe cubbies and hand soap. The entrance is wide open, but at least it is easy to see from almost the entire play area.
A little house.
Also in Stonebriar, near the food court is this pretty spectacular Merry Go Round. It is $2 for a ride.

Name: Stonebriar Mall
Location: 2601 Preston Road Frisco, TX 75034 Playarea is outside of Sears on lower level.
Link to Map
Link to Mall webpage

Posted by: Amanda Dittlinger of Ditt & Dott.

1. How big is the park? What are the amenities? 
This is a small play area inside a mall. The structures are all made of foam and the floor is a bouncy sort of foam too. It looks new and clean every time I go. There is a wall around the entire play area except for the entrance. It has plenty of shoe cubbies and seating for the parents. I like that the restrooms aren't too far away from the play area, but they could be a bit closer.

2. Is it enclose or covered?  
It is enclosed, except for 5 or so feet at the entrance, that has no gate. It is covered since it is an indoor mall.

3. What ages? 
Babies - 4 or 5 yrs old. It's a great place for little babies because there is so much movement of the older kids that keeps their attention. It's perfect for crawlers since everything is so soft. Just come at a time that won't be busy if you have crawlers. The older kids tend to jump off the structures, and a 4 yr old isn't thinking of the baby he's about to squish.
4. How safe is it?  
I love that it is mostly enclosed, but it would be great it if had a zig-zag entrance or a gate. Everything is padded. Older kids can sometimes be too much for the littlest players. 

5. Pros:  
Great indoor place to go if the weather is bad. But of course it is usually more crowded those days.

6: Cons:  
Needs a gate or zig zag entrance.

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