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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Kirby Park - Wylie, Texas

view of park
large "spider" climber
swing set
The park is surrounded by houses. One of the houses looks pretty junky. There are large dogs in the backyard of another house, although they did not bark at us.

Name: Kirby Park
Location: 300 Masters Dr Wylie, Texas

Posted by: Amanda Dittlinger

1. How big is the park? And what are the amenities?
This is a very small city park. There are three play items: a spider crawler, a swingset and a slide. There are also a couple of picnic tables and a grill. I did love the big trees in this park. There is some off street parking.

2. Is it enclosed or covered?
It is not enclosed or covered.

3. What ages?
5-12 is listed on the sign. My three year olds were fine, but the spider climber was challenging for them. I wouldn't recommend this for any younger than three.

4. How safe is it?
It is close to the street, but there wasn't much traffic when we were there. It is in an older section of Wylie that looks a bit rundown.

5. Pros: Because it was so small, I doubt that it ever gets super crowded. 

6. Cons: I did not really like the area that the park was in, but the park itself was nice.

1 comment:

  1. My parents live in this area and i went to this park all the time, although that house in the picture does look pretty junky i assure you theres no real danger there. Very quiet area.