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Sunday, March 6, 2011

North Hill Park - Murphy, Texas

(Link to map is HERE.)

Name: North Hills Park
Location: 1302 Rodeo Drive Murphy, Texas 75094
City URL:

I rate this park pretty high. It is labeled ages 5-12, but my three year olds really liked it a lot. I could see a bit younger playing here too. There are two playsets at this park, one for younger kids and one for the older kids. But my girls had fun on both sets, even if they couldn't do some of the "bigger" elements. There was a really cool spinner, that you stand on and gravity turns you around and around. Even as an adult that one was fun! (Yes, I had to try it out!) There is a couple of small rock climbing walls, several slides, a spider web feature and fun ladders. A bonus is that it is covered for summer time.

Other features of North Hill Park are a basketball court, a sand volley ball court, and a covered pavilion with picnic tables. There are no restrooms at this park.

Post by: Amanda Dittlinger 


  1. found your blog while researching North Hills Park; you have some beautiful photos on your blog. I thought all the bluebonnets this year were awesome.

  2. Thank Teral! I am hoping to make this blog a lot bigger. If you ever are at a park that isn't covered by the blog, feel free to snap some photos and send in a review. I'll give you credit and link to any personal blog/home business that you have.