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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Collin Creek Mall Playarea - Plano, Texas

Aerial view of the playarea
 The kids love pretending to drive.

 All the structures are made of foam.

 This is a favorite, little steps to a slide.

 Kids can crawl/walk through this.
 The puzzle on the wall held one of my girls' attention for a long while.

 This bridge is so fun for the kids. One side is stairs, the other side is a slide. They can also crawl under it. I love how there is foam around it too, so if they do fall (it's about 4' up) they bounce.

 Plenty of seating for the parents. Plus shoe cubbies.

 Fun graphics on the floor, but they are showing their age considerably.

 There is quiet a bit of duct tape around the play area.
 Good to know it gets cleaned once a day. Plus there is hand sanitizer on the way out.

 The rules and height restrictions. Although I will say during the summer when older kids are out of school they come in this area making it hard for the toddlers.

The exit is a wrap around, but I wish there was a gate. This little slide is perfect for the almost walkers.

Name: Tiny Town Childrens Play Area in Collin Creek Mall
Location: 811 North Central Expressway Plano, Texas - In the mall near Dillards, lower level

Posted by: Amanda Dittlinger

1. How big is the park? And what are the amenities?
This is an indoor mall play area. It is smaller than some of the mall play areas that I've been too, but I still really like the equipment they have. My kids have always liked playing here. I love that everything in the play area is made of foam, so it is very soft for the youngest kids.

2. Is it enclosed or covered?
The play area is enclosed, but it does not have a gate. Even so, there is a good viewing area of the exit so it is easy to see if your kid tries to escape. It obviously is covered, as it is inside the mall.

3. What ages?
The sign says 10 and younger, 42" and under. I can not see a ten year old having fun in this area, maybe up to five or six. The great thing is it is perfect for crawlers, unless there are bigger kids running around.

4. How safe is it?
Very safe, mostly enclosed, foam, nothing too tall.

5. Pros: It's nice to have a fun play area that is indoor for days that are rainy, too hot, too cold or for today that was too windy!

6. Cons: The play area is definitely showing it's age. There is a lot of duct tape, rips and tears. And while it is good for crawlers, either bring your own hand sanitizer or make sure to use theirs. Even though it is cleaned daily the floor is not pristine.

Note: There is also a very small train that is in this mall. It's good for the toddler ages, and any kid that loves trains. The cost is $2 per ride and in my opinion needs a lot of imagination for it to be "cool."

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