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Friday, March 11, 2011

Woodbridge Park - Wylie, Texas

 Small Neighborhood Park

Name: Woodbridge Park
Location: Fairland Drive & Lost Highland Ln Wylie, Texas
Link to Map

Post by: Amanda Dittlinger

1. How big is the park? And what are the amenities?
This is just a little neighborhood park, but it's still a fun one. The playground is good for 3 and up, although smaller kids can still have fun with close parent supervision. There is a grove of trees that my girls like to play "forest" in. In the fall there were huge green crabapples on the ground and they had fun collecting them and throwing them in the pond. There are three benches around the park.

2. Is it enclosed or covered?
It is not enclosed or covered.

3. What ages?

4. How safe is it?
It is close to the street, but it is just a small little neighborhood street. It is also fairly close to a pond.

5. Pros: It's not usually busy, probably because it is so small.

6. Cons: Nothing comes to mind.

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