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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Russell Creek Park - Plano, Texas

construction (almost done!)
swing set
volley ball 
Name: Russell Creek Park
Location: 3500 McDermott Plano TX, 75025 <- Click for Map
City URL:
Post Provided by: Wendy Thornell of Just One Momma 

1. How big is the park? And what are the amenities?
The park is rather large and it has everything you could think off.  Soccer fields, baseball fields, playground, picnic tables, pavillion with grill and tables, pond with ducks and dock, sand volleyball courts, basketball courts, walking trails, playground, and several bathrooms.

2. Is it enclosed or covered?
The playground is not enclosed or covered, although there is a covered pavillion.

3. What ages?
I think kids of all ages would enjoy this park.  My three played hard on the playground and even my littlest (22 months) could play on most of the equipment by herself.

4. How safe is it?
It's pretty safe, one side of the playground is near the parking lot so you do have to watch that side if you have runners, also there is no railing around the pond so if you have curious ones you might have one slip in the water, like I did (it's a drop off from the ground to the pond that's hard to see with the grass).

5. Pros: Lots of things to do at this park.  If you kids get bored easily you can jump from the playground to the pond or walking trails.  Even play a basketball game or play in the sand of the volleyball courts if no one is there playing.  Plus there are decent bathrooms on site.  There are also lots of picnic tables around the playground so there's plenty of room for parents to sit and watch their littles ones.

6. Cons: The playground is close to the parking lot on one side and it is crazy busy on the weekend as many play organized sports there.

Note on the construction - they are finishing up construction and still have the orange safety fence around the area. They expanded the pond and now there's just fresh dirt. I think they are bringing in grass and will lay that down soon.


  1. This is the park we go to all the time (its in walking distance from our house). It's a really nice park with lots of room to run! I think Peyton's favorite thing to do is feed the ducks.