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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mark Twain Park - Richardson, Texas

5-12 years old structure
 Large park and school in the distance
 restroom and covered pavillion
toddler structure

Name: Mark Twain Park
Location: Larkspur and Glenville

Posted by: Erin Suson

1. How big is the park? And what are the amenities?
This is a decent-sized park.  There are three play structures: one for toddlers, one recommended for ages 5-12 and one larger one.  There is a baseball field and a large green area where the kids can run around.  The restrooms were acceptable (not great, but relatively clean and functional).  There was a small covered pavilion with one picnic table, and there were a couple of benches on the edges of the play area.

2. Is it enclosed or covered?
The park is not enclosed or covered.

3. What ages?
This park is great for two year olds (possibly even slightly younger on the toddler structure), and with the varied play structures, it would probably be good for kids of any age.

4. How safe is it?
This park is pretty safe.  It is in a quiet neighborhood, and even though it is not enclosed, it is at least 30 yards from the road/parking lot in all directions.

5. Pros: Plenty of things to play on.  Great for all ages.

6. Cons: This park is right next to an elementary school.  We went during spring break, and no one was there, but I am not sure how that might change when school is in session.  Also, there isn't much shade.  The few benches are almost completely exposed.

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